Winter 2009: From the Publisher

This Winter 2009 issue of Science Education & Civic Engagement: An International Journal is highlighted by several changes in leadership and design.

First, we would like to welcome two new members to our editorial team. Eliza Reilly joins Trace Jordan of New York University as co-editor of the journal, while Marcy Dubroff has been appointed managing editor. [more] Eliza and Marcy are both based at Franklin & Marshall College, the new home of the journal, and boast a wealth of experience in both publications management as well as connecting science education and civic engagement.

Eliza is the director of the Phillips Museum of Art at F&M and the former director of its Center for Liberal Arts and Society. Previously she was director of programs in the Office of Science, Health, and Student Engagement at AAC&U, working on the SENCER and PHHE programs. From 1996–2001, she also served as the executive director of the American Conference of Academic Deans, a national organization of chief academic officers and other academic administrators committed to improving undergraduate liberal education. Eliza received an M.A. in art history and a Ph.D. in American history from Rutgers University and is a Senior Scholar with the SENCER project. She also serves as the general editor and coordinator of the SENCER Model Series.

Marcy has spent more than 20 years in higher education and currently serves as the director of Franklin & Marshall’s Clemente Course in the Humanities. She has also worked in various capacities including sports information, public relations, and as a photographer. She was the co-founder of the groundbreaking website College Lacrosse USA, which was purchased by Street & Smith’s Sport Annuals, a division of Conde Nast Publications in 2000, and is the editor of the award-winning newsletter Liberales, a publication of Franklin & Marshall’s Center for Liberal Arts and Society. She earned her B.S. with distinction from Cornell University.

We would also like to welcome several new members to the editorial board of SECEIJ:

Shree Dhawale is Associate Professor of Biology and Honors Program Director at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a broadly trained molecular geneticist with research interests in regulation of gene expression, biotechnology, molecular cloning, and use of herbal extracts for inhibiting cancer cell proliferation.

David Ferguson is Distinguished Service Professor and chair of the Department of Technology and Society at Stony Brook University where he holds a joint appointment in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. His research and teaching thrusts are in the areas of problem solving, advanced technologies in the learning and teaching of mathematics and science, and socio-technological decision making.

Robert Franco is Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at the University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College. He is a recognized expert on contemporary

Samoan, Polynesian, and Pacific Islander demographic, ecological, health, and cultural issues.

Cindy Kaus is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. An advocate of incorporating civic issues in mathematics to

reach groups of students typically underrepresented in the STEM disciplines, she has directed and co-directed various grants leading to curriculum reform in mathematics.

Theo Koupelis is Associate Dean of Math and Sciences at Edison State College in Fort Myers, Florida. He has published research on the theoretical modeling of outflows

from compact astrophysical objects and is the author of the introductory astronomy textbook In Quest of the Universe.

Kirk Miller is the B.F. Fackenthal Jr. Professor of Biology at Franklin & Marshall College where he teaches biostatistics, epidemiology, vertebrate anatomy, and comparative

physiology. He is a comparative physiologist and biostatistician with a principal interest in how the embryonic environment affects embryonic growth and neonatal fitness.

Amy Shachter is the Associate Provost for Research Initiatives at Santa Clara University. Her research interests center on porphyrin synthesis.

Garon Smith is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Montana. He is an analytical/environmental chemist with broad interests in air and water characterization.

Mary Tiles is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hawaii and now resides in the United Kingdom. Her research interests focus on the applied uses of mathematics, measurement, and modeling in both Chinese and European contexts.

In addition, this issue debuts our new journal design, created by John Svatek of Kerning Pair Design, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Early next year, we will augment the PDF version of SECEIJ with a new and improved website. We invite you to download this issue of the journal and to connect with the work of colleagues both in the United States and abroad. We also hope you will send us your thoughts and comments on how we can continue to improve SECEIJ.

Table of Contents
 Point of View Citizen Science and Our Democracy  Wm. David Burns
 Point of View Science and Civic Engagement in the Developing Democracy of Georgia Lali Gogeliani, Mzia Zhvania and Nana Japaridze 
 Project Reports Preparing Future Teachers Using a SENCER Approach to Positively Affect Dispositions Toward Science Mark L. Fink
 Project Reports Quantifying the Atmospheric Impact and Carbon Footprint of an Urban Biomass Incinerator John M. Zobitz
 Research Article SENCERizing Preservice K–8 Teacher Education: The Role of Scientific Practices Amy H. Utz and Richard A. Duschl
 Review Article Emerging Topics in the Study of Life on Earth: Systems Approaches to Biological and Cultural Diversity Nora Bynum, Eleanor Sterling,  Brian Weeks, Andrés Gómez, Kimberley Roosenburg, Erin Vintinner, Felicity Arengo, Meg Domroese, and Richard Pearson 

— Wm. David Burns, Publisher




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